Public acceptanceObjectives


General Objectives

  • Ensuring the visibility of the institution
  • Ensuring the transparency of the information
  • Gaining and maintaining the public’s confidence in ANDR

Specific objectives for the promoting/developing activity

  • A better public information regarding the applications of the nuclear energy in various fields and its benefits
  • Diminishing the fears of the general public by providing clear and exact information, timely and in appropriate language
  • A better public information regarding the institutions from the Romanian nuclear field and the liabilities specific to each of these
  • Public information regarding the major directions of nuclear development, as they are mentioned in the National Strategy for the Development of the Nuclear Field and in the National Nuclear Programme
  • Citizens’ information regarding the safety standards in force and the way these are applied
  • The prompt information of the public regarding the progresses on international level and the way Romania reports to these progresses

Specific objectives for the safe disposal of radioactive waste

  • A correct information of the general and local public regarding the radioactive waste issue in Romania and how this issue is solved abroad;
  • Diminishing of public fears concerning radioactive waste by providing exact and clear information, timely and in appropriate language;
  • Getting public acceptance regarding the siting, construction, operation and closure of the radioactive waste repositories;
  • Highlighting the clear allocation of the activities and the attributions of ANDR and of the other institutions from the field (CNCAN, waste producers);
  • Promotion of the fact that ANDR is not a radioactive waste producer but it makes a public service in identifying and implementing the optimal solutions for safe management of radioactive waste, ensuring protection conditions for workers, public and environment;
  • Establishment and maintaining good cooperation relationships with the institutions involved in this field, from the country and from abroad.