Radioactive waste managementAbout radioactive waste

About radioactive waste

Like all other human activities, nuclear activities produce inherently waste. By definition, radioactive waste means those materials resulting from nuclear activities, for which no further use is foreseen and which contain or are contaminated with radionuclides in concentrations above the exemption limits issued by  the National Commission  for Nuclear Activities Control. We mention that in Romania, according to the laws in force, the spent nuclear fuel is considered as radioactive waste.

Besides the radioactive character, radioactive waste also have a number of characteristics that distinguish them from other types of waste, such as:

  • small volume compared with the other types of waste;
  • unlike toxic chemicals, radioactive materials disintegrate themselves, losing after a period of time their radioactive nature;
  • as soon as radioactive waste are generated, they are collected, characterized and registered in data base, all their subsequently route being rigorously monitored;
  • handling of radioactive materials, designing and administration of radioactive waste repositories are done in compliance with very strict regulations;
  • since much of the research and development work was directed toward safety measures in waste treatment, containers’ design, transport and disposal, in this moment there are technical solutions that ensure the safe disposal of radioactive waste.

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