News„Regional Ministerial Conference on Nuclear Energy, Technology and Radioactive Waste Management”

„Regional Ministerial Conference on Nuclear Energy, Technology and Radioactive Waste Management”

„Regional Ministerial Conference on Nuclear Energy, Technology and Radioactive Waste Management”


Hosted by the Government of Romania
in co-operation with the Nuclear Energy Agency

 Bucharest, Romania
Parliament Palace, Nicolae Iorga Hall,
25-26 October 2018


THE REGIONAL MINISTERIAL CONFERENCE ON NUCLEAR ENERGY, TECHNOLOGY AND RADIOACTIVE WASTE MANAGEMENT will be held in Bucharest, Parliament Palace, Nicolae Iorga Hall, during 25-26 October 2018.

The event is hosted by the Romanian Government and is organized by the Nuclear Agency and for Radioactive Waste (ANDR) in cooperation with the Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA) within the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

The opening of the conference will be made by the Prime Minister of Romania along with the NEA Director-General, who will address a welcome message to the participants in this event.
The conference Agenda will include ministerial statements, and the moderator of the event will be Mr. Şerban-Constantin VALECA, senator, within the Romanian Parliament.

The conference will be attended by representatives of NEA-OECD, and from countries such as: Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, the Republic of Moldova, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Serbia, will participate relevant ministers and also senior leaders from energy planning authorities, nuclear safety regulatory bodies, industry, laboratories, education and academia.

The topics adressed within the debates, will cover nuclear-related subjects such as: 

  • Overall energy policies and plans for the use of nuclear energy to meet national objectives;
  • Role of nuclear technology as a component of a resilient, affordable and low carbon energy mix;
  • Industry activities related to the development and future use of nuclear energy generation;
  • Nuclear regulation, radiation protection, emergency preparedness, and safety culture;
  • Radioactive waste management and the development of approaches for high level waste disposal;
  • Technology development and research;
  • Education, skills development, and training; and
  • Public engagement and communications.

The Regional Ministerial Conference is planned for leaders in the region in order to discuss their policies and efforts related to the assurance of reliable supplier of electricity in a carbon-constrained world and the anticipated role of nuclear energy in coming decades. Participating countries will be given the opportunity to highlight their current activities, plans and challenges in the areas related to nuclear energy in order to explore the potential benefits of regional cooperation in terms of common challenges.

The purpose of the Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA) is to foster cooperation among its members and partner countries to address activities required for the safe and economic use of nuclear energy.


Interested persons in attending the conference are asked to send an email to, specifying their contact details (name, surname, position, institution, field of interest), in order to receive the invitation